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Ski Tuning

Experience the exceptional quality of almost $100,000 worth of Austrian ski tuning equipment.  Wintersteiger’s Trim Disc 71 Ceramic Edger and Micro SB2 combined stone belt grinding machine are waiting for your Skis and Snowboards at the S&W Sports Service Center.


$79.99 Race/Factory Tune: Flatten the base, stone grind, hand sharpen the edges, de-tune and polish edges, minor P-Tex work, hot box, and hand wax.

$59.99 Deluxe Tune: Flatten the base, stone grind, sharpen edges, minor P-Tex work, and hand wax.

$39.99 Basic Plus Tune: Stone grind, sharpen edges, and machine wax.

$29.99 Basic Tune: Sharpen edges and machine wax.

A la Carte

Binding Installation: $39.99

Binding Adjustment: $29.99

Binding Remount: $49.99

Flatten Ski: $29.99

Machine Wax: $8.00

Hand Wax: $20.00

Base Repair: $10.00

Hot Box Skis: $15.00

Hot Box Snowboard: $20.00

Stone Grind: $19.99

Sharpen Edges: $19.99

Helicoils: $10.00 each


Nordic Binding Mount: $24.99

Tele Binding Mount: $29.99

Roller Ski Binding Mount: $39.99

Nordic Grind: $39.99

Clean/Pine Tar: $44.99

Wax of the Day: $19.99

 Special requests are priced on a case by case basis-so don’t be afraid to ask!