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Bike Maintenance & Repair

S&W Sports will service almost any type of bicycle, regardless of where it was purchased.

If you have any questions about our service or if your bike has technical issues outside of those listed below, please give us a call.

48-Hour Service Pledge

In our commitment to be the Best in Class, we are pledging a 48-hour turnaround for all service needs, pending parts availability.

In our commitment to maintain efficient and quality labor, we are requiring a 50% deposit for all service orders to ensure items are picked up in a timely manner.

Thank you!

*Items not picked up within 48 hours of notified completion will incur a $5/day storage fee.

**Prices do not include parts necessary to complete the service.

Preventative Maintenance Package

Adjust shifting, adjust brakes, 9-point safety check*, true wheels in frame, and lube chainWash and degrease $29.99 extra

*9-point safety check includes: seat, handlebar, stem headset, bottom bracket, crank, wheels, tires, and brakes

We recommend this package every 3-6 months, depending on the rider’s usage


Peak Performance Package

Preventative Maintenance Package plus wash and degrease, remove and true wheels, and check dropout alignment, re-torque suspension linkage and visual inspection of front and rear suspension if applicable; suspension labor/re-build extra

We recommend this package seasonally


Comprehensive Rebuild Package

Peak Performance Package plus complete tear down, cleaning and waxing, repack of all bearings, and new cables*

*Receive 50% off suspension work if needed, 10% off parts with free installation

We recommend this package seasonally


Install Cables

Does not include cost of cables and cable housing $12/cable

Adjust Hand Brakes

Wheels may also need truing; cost is for front and rear brakes $20

True Wheel

$3 for each spoke replaced, cost is per wheel $16

Respoke Wheel

Cost of spokes not included $35

Adjust Derailleurs

Front and rear $14 ea.

Adjust Hub

Overhaul front hub $20
Overhaul freewheel/cassette rear $25 & up
Overhaul coaster $30
Overhaul 3-speed hub $70

Adjust Headset or Bottom Bracket

Cost is for each individually $15

Overhaul Headset or Bottom Bracket

Cost is for each individually $30

True Rear Dropout

Helicoils are $15 extra $25 & up

True Fork or Frame

Cost is for each individually $50 & up

Assemble Bike Purchased Elsewhere


Box Bicycle for Shipping

Box is included, shipping is not included $80

Install Accessories

Saddle, water bottle cage, pump (each) $5 per
Computer, rear rack, training wheels, toe clips (each) $10/15 w/cadence
Child seats, full fenders (each) $15

Install Tires/Tubes

Wheels off bike (per tire) $7
Wheels on bike (per tire) $10
Sew up tires, including glue $25