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Bike Fitting

S&W offers professional bike fitting by appointment.  No matter what your cycling goals are, a fitting with trained technician will be beneficial to your riding experience, enhancing both comfort and performance.

If you are a recreational rider looking for a solution to pain or discomfort, or a competitive cyclist seeking improved performance, a consultation with a fit technician will go a long way toward helping you achieve your goals.

Call us for more information about our fitting services or to set an appointment.

Basic Fit

The basic fit is an excellent option for new riders or for existing riders with new bikes.  The fit will establish a good neutral position and is an excellent way to start off on the right foot!  This package includes:

  • Cleat adjustment (For Clipless Setup)
  • Seat Height adjustment with a goniometer
  • Seat Fore/Aft adjustment with a plumb line
  • Stem Length assessment.

Advanced Fit

The advanced fit is a more in-depth look at bike position. This fit is much more intensive and is ideal for this riders who have specific issues to address, whether they are comfort or performance related.

  • All the adjustments from the basic package
  • Advanced cleat positioning with shimming and canting
  • Handlebar width assessment.