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About Us

S&W Sports is a full-service bike, ski, and board shop located in Concord, NH.  We carry a wide range of products - everything from your kid’s first bike to a high-end road machine or downhill rig.  During the winter months we sell a complete range of Alpine and Nordic equipment, and the very latest snowboard gear.

S&W’s staff is knowledgeable and courteous.  Whenever you walk into our shop, either to make a purchase or for service, we are here to assist you.  We invite you to stop in any time to check out our store at 296 South Main Street in tax free Concord, NH.


America’s Greatest Retail Institution: The Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD)

An excerpt from James Moore, Moore’s Bicycle Shop & letter from Tim Farmer, S&W Sports

To make a statement such as this title warrants a very convincing and worthy explanation.  Oftentimes, only the IBD owner can see the fulfilling role of selling and fixing bikes.  The goal of this article is for you, the consumer, to realize the impact that you’re making when you purchase goods from your local bike shop.

The very nature of our products reduces consumption of limited world energy resources.  Each day, millions of car trips don’t occur because of the utilitarian nature of our products and services.

Our store and most IBDs recycle tons of cardboard, metal, and rubber annually.

We actually fix things that break.  What other retailers still do that?  In this age of planned obsolescence and disposable products there are few local merchants that still stock parts to fix items purchased and used 50+ years ago; we do!  Try to name another business that still does that; it’s not easy!

While most folks never make this connection, every time we repair a bicycle we are in fact recycling the entire bike.  If it were not for the existence of our bicycle repair services, a bicycle’s first mechanical failure would be its last as its disappointed owner would have no choice but to roll it to the curbside awaiting the next trash pick-up.


At S&W, we work closely with our local advocacy, Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition, and the state advocacy, New Hampshire Bicycle & Walk Alliance, to help make biking and walking safer in the greater Concord area.

We have partnered with Goodwill Industries of New England to start a recycling program for unwanted, outdated, and broken (but repairable) bikes to help serve lower income residents and families get back on a bicycle, whether for recreation or transportation.

If you have an old bicycle that is collecting dust, please consider donating it.  I promise it will get brought back to usable condition and find a new home.  Drop it by S&W anytime!

This May 2014, S&W once again will host the CNHBC Bike Swap (see swsports.net for more info).  The swap has raised over $30,000 to date for local advocacy and bicycle-related projects.

In closing, I would like to thank all of our customers for their support over the years and with the discretionary spending of the family and personal funds, I am grateful that you have considered S&W a worthy establishment at which to spend them!

Thank you,

Tim Farmer, S&W Sports